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Our consultants may help you to implement XBRL smoothly supporting you during all phases of the project:

  •  Project management
          •  Setting up XBRL projects and defining reporting scope

          •  Leading and/or supporting project activities in all stages of the project

  •  Data modelling
          •  Requirements analysis for XBRL reporting
          •  Designing data model to handle desired reports
          •  Drafting templates

  •  Taxonomy development
          •  Semi-automated approach to taxonomy development
          •  Extending existing taxonomies
          •  Taxonomy maintenance processes

  •  Quality assurance
          •  Testing and bug fixing of work-in-progress taxonomies
          •  Preparation of test data (XBRL instances)
          •  Test suites adjusted to customers' needs

  •  Issue analysis
          •  Support during XBRL issues investigation
          •  Helping regulators and filers to identify data issues

  •  Performance optimization
          •  Analysis of customer code
          •  Guidelines for code optimization based on best practices

Involvement of our consultants in specific project is a matter of negotiations. We can take a lead in any stage as well as act in the background supporting your team in their activities.

We also offer a range of consulting services related to our products portfolio:

  •  System integration
          •  Architecture design of integration layer
          •  Data integration with XBRL
          •  System integration services to connect our XBRL tools with your platform

  •  Customization
          •  Adjusting our XBRL component to customer needs
          •  Development of custom solutions based on our XBRL engine

  •  Professional trainings
          •  For XBRL beginners
          •  For XBRL taxonomy developers
          •  For Filers who need to create XBRL reports
          •  For Developers who are involved in deployment of XBRL reporting platform
For XBRL analysts and consultants