Don't miss the opportunity to attend Fujitsu presentation during Online Bank & Insurance track of “25th XBRL Europe Digital Week” that will take place on June 15-18th, 2020.

The presentation, delivered by Sebastian Gurgul on June 16th (from 17:00 to 17:30) will focus on scenarios of usage xBRL-CSV OIM (Open Information Model) - tools for processing large granular data sets.

Presentation will cover complete conceptual data flow of granular data. Starting from definition of metadata describing CSV file structure, through generation of xBRL-CSV data sets, possible data conversions, up to validation of granular data and data access layer exposing data for ad-hoc queries. During the presentation we will show existing prototypes of tools supporting selected steps of the process and benchmarks showing efficiency of the solutions under development

During the online conference there is a chance to share national and international experiences, discover new approaches and plan future steps with regulators, prepares, providers due to new regulatory reporting regimes.

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Don't miss the opportunity to see our innovative tools and discuss with our key-experts about functionality of our flagship XBRL and Inline XBRL products, and how we can help you to meet all regulatory requirements in terms of processing granular data by sharing with you our expertise in this area.

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