We are pleased to announce that Fujitsu XBRL software products have gained XBRL Certified Software status for the xBRL-JSON and xBRL-CSV modules, indicating that we are able to handle these newer XBRL formats in our XBRL processing engine.

This certification reflects Fujitsu' unwavering commitment to creating best-in-class xBRL solutions.

The Open Information Model (OIM) provides a syntax-independent model for XBRL data, allowing for reliable transformation of XBRL data into other representations.

It is Fujitsu's strategic approach to offer support to all available public specifications of XBRL such as OIM.

The EBA and EIOPA have initiated the transition process from the XBRL-XML reporting format to xBRL-CSV.

Fujitsu recognises the importance of listening to its clients and actively incorporating their feedback into its growth products strategies.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of our products and services - stay tuned!