FQS Poland as the Fujitsu Competence Center for the EMEA region for XBRL solutions, participated and was one of the presenters during the webinar "Electronic reporting standards on the capital market" organized by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The webinar took place on April 26, 2022.

Among the many important issues raised during the webinar were:
  • what was the development of electronic reporting standards and why they have been developing so dynamically in recent years
  • what benefits the implementation of the XBRL project bring for the Tokyo Stock Exchange and issuers
  • and whether the implementation of the XBRL standard and reporting in Inline XBRL on the NewConnect market may have a beneficial effect on the functioning of issuers as well as their ability to attract more investors by ensuring easy access to more detailed and thoroughly verified financial information.
More details about the webinar can be found here.
It was also a great opportunity to learn about ESMA ESEF requirements and how Fujitsu solutions support various institutions in the implementation of XBRL projects, including the "GPW Data Platform”.